Well it’s day 10 of not having a response from tumblr support, I sent them a huge long email yesterday and while I was regiving them the info realised the IP address I gave them in the first email was different to the one I found yesterday… I was thinking that might be the reason for being ignored but I dunno seeing as I’ve still got no reply…
I’m continuing to add people I follow to my new blog just in case thanks for following me back if you have already :)
Hopefully I get this sorted by CHRISTMAS!!!

Day 9 of not receiving any help of any kind from Tumblr Support:
I’m thinking about just starting a new blog… I really really really don’t wont to but I’ve got the list of everyone I follow in here so I can still follow the same people but it won’t be the same! I have 48 followers currently and I doubt they would care but I would care! I love having followers! People out there who never speak to me but reblog and like my reblogs! It’s a happy little circle knowing people like the same stuff as me!
But inevitably I may have to create another blog just in case everyone in the tumblr support office have died and they are not vein replaced… Or they are just arseholes and don’t give a shit so… If I do create a new blog I will put a link on this blog coz my phone, hopefully people will follow me but if they don’t I will just hate tumblr staff forever lol

OMG I’m still locked out of my account on my laptop!!!! And it has been A WHOLE FUCKING WEEK since ANYONE from Tumblr has contacted me! This is so fucking frustrating. Tumblr staff are being so slack, how hard is it to email me a link to reset my info!!
I know it’s the second time it’s happened but I promise this time I will update my email address to the correct one!!
It’s not like it’s not me! I’m not a hacker or anything! I wouldn’t even know where to start with the whole Hacking thing and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t email the staff begging to get into someones account, hackers would be much cooler….According to my tv/movie Knowledge of them….

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